Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worst Story Ideas

I entered a contest for the worst logline. A logline is a one sentence description of a story. Both of my entries had a similar theme. I was trying to work too much into the first line and thought I had enough left over to do a second line.

Here is my favorite.

"A dyslexic child mistakenly addresses his Christmas letter to Satan, enabling Satan to steal the child's soul, but, in the end, the child steals Satan's heart."

Here is the first one I did. I kept trying to work the dyslexia into it, but could not.

"A mad scientist enlists Satan to destroy Christmas by kidnapping the world's reindeer population, but Santa learns of their plans and thwarts them in a fight to the Finnish."

Get it. Finnish.

Are they bad enough?


Kaa said...

Those are dreadful. :)

(Hi from a fellow workshop member.)

John Arkwright said...

If Disney finds out about that picture, they'll take your house. Last month they were finally successful in trademarking the name "Walt," and sued James Thurber's heirs. And don't think Johann Strauss is going to get off lightly!