Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Dead, Jim

The truck would not go into reverse. I drove it to the mechanic. The next day the mechanic reported that (1) the transmission was shot--$3,000 repair and (2) the rear breaks were shot.

I do not think that you can actually do $3,000 worth of work on a transmission. So we told them, "Thanks, we will come pick the truck up--don't lay a hand on it."

I do not doubt that the transmission is shot. Who knows?

But these guys "fixed" the brakes about three months ago. They put rotors, calipers, and hoses on. After they "fixed" the brakes, we drove home, barely able to use the brakes. They were not fixed.

We took the truck back to them the next day. They worked on it more. The brakes worked, but they seemed a bit weak and the brake light was on. I decided to ignore it.

Now, three months later, they say the rear brakes have not been working and they say that I refused to have all the repairs done at the time, according to their records. That is a lie.

I guess they're lying because they think I might be able to sue. Or, if nothing else, I could again demand that they fix the brakes.

The combination of not fixing the brakes and lying is too much. And their lying makes me wonder if I have a transmission problem or not--there are two other (cheaper) possible causes of that vehicle not being able to go into reverse.

I miss my dad for so many reasons. His ability to fix cars is the least of the reasons I miss him. But, yeah, I miss that, too.

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