Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I do not know why, but new cadets on my university's campus are called "frogs." "Frog week" is like boot camp for new cadets.

I witnessed a little of frog week. Senior cadets in the face of new cadets with, "You were supposed to stand behind the line! No, you just say 'yes sir,' or 'no sir.'" I am glad it's not me, but if someone signs up for military training they have to learn to follow orders quickly, without debate, so I understand.

During frog week, all those kids, just out of high school line up outside the barber shop and come out with their hair "high and tight." I made a mistake. I got my hair cut during frog week.

My hair is not exactly "high and tight," but it is shorter than it has ever been.

I get a haircut every five or six months. I am too cheap to worry about how my hair looks. I sorta' like having hair up there, but other than having it present, I am not particular. In fact, my short hair does not even need to be combed after a shower, since it is not long enough to be tangled, so I may get it cut short next time.

My short haircut was not intended, but upon further consideration, maybe it was not a mistake. Maybe I can make it to next year's frog week for my next haircut.

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