Saturday, September 27, 2008


Baby, I need you. I need you like I need another shoe. -- Tom Tom Club

I walk back and forth to work. It takes about thirty minutes. On the way there, I am walking down the mountain, so it is easier than coming back. Lately my feet have been hurting as if severely bruised on the soles.

I think this is a problem with my shoes. They both have lots of holes. I could probably poke three fingers through one side and out the other (though I have not tried). Really it is a problem with the soles of the shoes and the holes merely indicate that I have mostly worn them out, soles, holes, and all.

Today I bought new shoes. The store had one of those buy one pair get one pair at half price things going on--they always have it going on--so I bought two pair. They were soft and came in a wide size. It is quite a change for me to wear shoes that are not too tight.

Now you can sleep soundly tonight.

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