Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quantum Universe

I am at a retreat for directors of centers of economic education at a resort. My family is on the second floor of the inn. My sixteen year old noted that a sign on the second floor said, "Take the elevator to the second floor for access to the spa." He said, "There is no reason for that sign to be on the second floor."

I said, "I think the spa is in another quantum universe that you can only get to by taking the elevator."

He said, "Yes, but we are on the second floor."

I said, "We get on the elevator, press two, then when the elevator doors open, we are on the second floor in the quantum universe with the spa. It saves the hotel a lot of money in this universe."

He did not believe me.

Then, later, we got on the elevator on the second floor. A nice couple with a kid got on and asked, "Are you going down?" We said we were. They pressed for the ground floor. We made conversation.

The elevator went down. It took a long time. I think they set the elevator to run slowly because a lot of old folks visit this resort. The door opened. The couple and the kid got off. My son and I stepped off, but saw we were on the second floor. So we got back in the elevator and tried to call the couple back, but they were going too fast.

I said, "That was the quantum universe with the spa."

My son said, "Dad, I am never going to doubt anything you say again."

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