Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Kid's Got Nerve

Julia and I came in from our weekly grocery shopping when the phone rang. My eleven year-old handed it to my wife, who thought the person on the other end was a friend of ours. He said he was from Nickelodeon (the television channel) and wanted to schedule an audition with my kid.

It took a while for the guy on the phone to convince Julia that he was on the level. But he was. So we are going to Atlanta this Saturday so that the kid can audition for a commercial. The little runt has initiative and moxie--he called the number that he saw on one of the network's shows. He is cute and smart, but I am sure there will be plenty of "professionally cute and smart" children there--veterans of pagents and auditions who have voice and diction coaches.

So, here goes nothing.

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