Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hugo Gernsback published Amazing Stories and a bunch of other science/science fiction pulp magazines. He is acknowledged as a father of the genre; the Hugo Awards are named for him. My online writing group is also named for him.

At present, I wonder if it will launch. My doubts are based on the plummeting level of activity already--after just over a week. Members seemed to want to start quickly, so I got things going. Then over the short period of time, only three people, including me, continued to interact. Many of the twenty-someodd workshop participants signed up but have not participated beyond that.

Tonight I mailed everyone at the address they listed at the workshop, asking if they intended to participate. The group is a Yahoo! group. Plenty of participants created Yahoo! accounts just for that group, so perhaps monitoring the group is out of their "internet" way.

I think the group has potential, but I do not intend to push on a rope for long.

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