Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Timur Mohammed Akbar Mirza Mughal: The grandson of the last Mughal Emperor of India

Sergeant Zerstorend Engel: A zealous, xenophobic Austrian policeman

Stephan Geist: A collector of artifacts in Ramas

Lord Rall: A son of Rovish, the God of Luck

Verletz: A priest of Telor, the God of All Things Known

Jemmin Weller: The greatest thief in the most corrupt city in Ramas

Sir Ragal Tak: The most stupid and violent of Baron Navee's Baron's Men in the most corrupt city in Ramas

Veluin: The High Priest of Silas

Sarge: The tyrannical majoritarian leader of a troop of Union cavalry attempting to round up the perpetrators of the Colfax Massacre, the largest outbreak of violence following the Civil War

Furnace Angel: A hare lipped redneck that crashes the filming of a program designed to expose child predators

Saddam Hussain: You know him, you love him

Lucien Boucher: A Haitian who promises to introduce people to their departed relatives

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