Monday, September 22, 2008


Vincent Renaud: A French-born monk in an Austrian monestary (circa 1857), afflicted by a severe panic disorder

Jane Geist: A gypsy girl who is her clan's greatest hunter, taught the thieves' trade by her uncle, and taught to mingle with society by her educated father

Bryton Wyld: Does not know his father is Rovish, the God of Luck, lives with his mother, an avaricious merchant, in the most corrupt city in Ramas, the main continent in the Arch of Time universe

Riva Tanner: Died in a fall at age 10, retrieved from the Spirit World by her father, a Priest of Jair, upsetting the balance of the universe, entered in Jair's order to endure the grueling training of a battle priestess

Julian Granger: The arrogant son of the benevolent ruler of the most insignificant barony in Ramas

Jake Fox: A backwoods boy living in Reconstruction Era Louisiana, orphaned when his father died at the Battle of Mannsfield and his mother died of pneumonia, raised by his brother

Dan Held: Cameraman on a reality "police" show, grandson of the leader of the Cajun revivalist movement, a failed attempt for those with Cajun descent to get back to nature

Jenna Dean: A kindergarten teacher with a love of genealogy

Staff Sergeant U. P. Smith: The driver for a retired Lt. Colonel, now working for a defense contractor in Iraq

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