Monday, June 30, 2008

Time Machine

We spent two hours in 1930 today.

A family with whom we are friends are on vacation for the summer. Wife and kids left a few weeks ago, since she does not work in the summer. Husband, Jeff, will eventually take a week or so off work and join them.

Jeff showed up today along with their dog. We went out on the porch and visited. If we did not have a porch, an unexpected visit might be a big imposition because stuff is going on in the house--a kid has left some food on a tray, another kid has left his shoes and socks in the middle of the floor, etc. (Bugs me and mortifies my wife). But with the porch, those issues did not apply.

Our dogs visited while we visited. My dog is small and hairless. His dog is a big sad-eyed thing that looks like a mix between a hound and a lab.

My dog has not been around other dogs for two years, so he got amorous. My youngest said, "They're fighting!"

Jeff said, "No . . ."

I interrupted with, "You bet! They're fighting!"

The day was cool. We laughed and talked.

We did not even have to worry about The Great Depression.

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