Monday, June 2, 2008


I am moving across town during the next two weeks. We have a two week overlap in the lease, so we are taking a gradual approach.

Non-essentials go first. Finally we will be down to a small set of essentials like beds, computers, televisions, minimal kitchen stuff, and minimal furniture.

I have never done a move like this. We do not really have to pack lots of stuff at once for one big transport, packing it so well that it will survive the moving van hitting potholes at 70 miles per hour. We bought a few of those big plastic tubs--the stuff that's like giant blue tupperware. So it will be like this. Pack knickknacks off the mantle, cushioned with a sheet, pack cookbooks, pack the food pantry stuff that we probably won't have a crushing need for, then haul, unpack, and repeat.

Eventually, we will have to face the pain taking the freezer door off so that it will fit through the door to the house, turning the sofas up on their sides and working them out the door, balancing mattresses, etc. But, overall, I do not see a huge amount of pain right now.

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