Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cheap Colored Glasses

My youngest is nearly eleven years old. Early in the last school year we found out he needed glasses. I went to the local optometrist with the foreign name. He was a jerk. Young and pouty like a Hollywood flavor of the month. "I have time to get this kid in before lunch. Come on, kid."

Though my son did not have problems with reading vision, he prescribed bifocals. I questioned him. He said, "He'll eventually need them, so he can get used to them now." Translation: "I make $15 more when I sell bifocals." His frames were expensive.

I took the prescription to my local Megalomart vision center. To my surprise, they agreed to make only the distance prescription--non-bifocal.

My youngest had problems with the little thingees that rested on his nose to keep the wire frame glasses in place. He kept bending them out of place. Eventually he broke one. So I broke the other one and he was relatively happy with them. What rednecks.

Around the end of the school year the wire frames broke. So I went back to Megalomart for some plastic framed glasses, which would not have the problem with the noserest thingees. The least expensive plastic frames they had were about $60. Eyi.

I went to the Megalomart in the next town. They had plastic frames for as low as $10 and plenty for $18. But they would not make the non-bifocals.

Then my semester started and we moved and finally today I took him for an eye exam, which cost $68. Eyi again. Let the whole congregation say, "Eyi."

I thought the frames that my son picked cost $18. After the technician totaled them up, I found out that they, instead, cost $10! The glasses cost $40, total!

I was in econoheaven.

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