Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Missed One

There are millions of details in a story that has much less than a million words. Some of the details are implied by the setting. I likely miss a few.

I know I missed one on Suffrage, which I have submitted. The quarter moon is visible on one day. Around a week later, the half moon is visible. But if the quarter moon is waxing, a week later the moon would be at three-quarters. If the quarter moon is waning, a week later it would be back at a quarter.

If the moon were not important in the story, that would not be a big thing. But, it is, so it is.*

The problem is easily fixed, though. In the story, a week passes in a paragraph. There is no problem with making two or three days pass, instead.

Here's hoping that the judges are lunarstupid, like me.


*Comment designed for your confusement.

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