Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Month is Over

I previously talked about my son's best friend coming to visit for a month. We survived. And it was not nearly as painful as I expected.

The kids got along fairly well. The friend ate his Totinos pizzas, ramen, and the like. My son and his friend would gladly have spent another month yakking and playing video games.

We had the usual hitches in departure. The friend bought my oldest's bastard sword for $50. My oldest wanted to go to Warped Tour that badly. At the airport today I found that, yes, Delta charges $25 for each checked item over 1. The friend was broke by the time he left, so I paid $25 so that the sword that he had paid $50 for would get home with him. Add in $10 that I gave him to snack on if he got hungry, the $10 for the mass transit, and the $16 for gasoline both ways, and it was an expensive departure. Last time it was a $75 unaccompanied minor fee that we had been told could be paid on the other end (plus gas and mass transit).

Maybe I should blame my oldest son for the sword cargo fee. My oldest got me into a similar situation with regard to house sitting. A friend wanted him to house sit. He agreed. The friend asked us if $50 for two weeks was O. K. I said it was, without thinking. 14 days x $4 in gas per day to travel to and from the house = $56 in gas money that I pay so that my son can earn $50.

Ah well.

At the end of the day, it is clear whose fault it all is. I'm the adult here. Nobody's fault but mine.

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