Monday, April 28, 2008


I got a call for up to three pieces of flash fiction (100-500 words) on zombies. I thought about the call for two months. Then, three days before the deadline I had a couple of original ideas. Here is one of them.

A soldier who was Saddam Hussain's interrogator got close to Saddam and was able to have Saddam confide a few things to him, confidentially. Saddam told him where the real weapons of mass destruction are. Saddam would only say that the reason he did not use them was that he was too afraid of them.

After Saddam's death, the soldier goes to the site and finds an underground laborator complex full of, you guessed it . . . zombies--humans affected by biological weapons. They kill him and eat him, of course, along with the enchilada MREs.

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