Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grandpa George

I was about four when my Great-grandpa George died. I remember when he used to walk down the paved country road to my grandma's house. All the kids loved him. I don't remember much about him, though. I remember him saying that my brother, Jeff, was really named "Jake Adam" (which he wasn't). But most of what I know about Grandpa George comes from others. Here is some Grandpa George trivia.

Grandpa George went out to get some wood for the fire one time. Soon he breathlessly ran back into the house, but without any wood. Someone said, "What's wrong Papa George?" He told them that while he had been carrying the wood back to the house he was attacked by an animal. Someone asked him what kind of animal attacked him.

He replied, "It was either a mink or a goat."

That was the best whole story that I have about George. But there were quite a few things that he said that we laughed about over the years. Here are two.

When Grandpa George would get in a preachy mood he would proclaim, "You have to be reborn and degenerated!" Nobody ever figured out what he meant in saying people need to be "degenerated."

At one time the national problem was seen as juvenile delinquents. Papa George, though, would blame most of society's problems on, " . . . them dadblamed jubilee linktons!"

George was my mother's grandfather, but he got along really well with my dad. One time Grandpa George came to visit dad. He told dad, "I'm about done here on earth. I figure I'm going to die in a few days."

George was as healthy as a man his age could be. He was not ill in any way. Dad did not take him seriously. But Grandpa George died within the week of natural causes.

Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't.

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