Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bryton Wyld

It is probably bad form to post about an unfinished story, but here goes. The pieces of the puzzle all revolved around Bryton: directionless denizen of Tistrin (the corrupt big fantasy city), mom's delivery boy, and dad . . . mom never told him who dad was, which is not unusual in Tistrin.

The pieces of the story that I have tossed in the air are Bry's mentor, Jemmin Well, a notable thief in Tistrin; Tonjan Farberei, an icy priestess of Aatar who just moved into the city; Rangal Tak, a Baron's Man who has it in for Bryton; Olaus Kaldor, the High Priest of Rovish, the God of Luck; and the corrupt Baron Walen Navee.

Bry is torn between Jemmin, whom he owes some loyalty, and Tonjan, whom Jemmin has hurt badly and whom Bry is seriously crushed on. The story is rolling along with 3,000 words, so far. If I did not get distracted by issues such as the operation of acqueduct-fed water systems I would probably be finished by now.

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