Monday, October 6, 2008

No, You Can't Watch It Here

Yesterday I said I was shocked that Saturday Night Live told the truth about the bailout. Apparently the truth was too shocking for somebody. NBC pulled the sketch from the web site. The sketch has been posted and removed multiple times from YouTube. The transcript and screen shots are here--but it is not nearly as funny.*

The Blogosphere rumor is that the Sandlers--a real couple that the sketch depicts--demanded that it be taken down. They, like George Soros, give lots of money to their favorite political causes. Perhaps the Sandlers threatened to sue. From what I have read, they built a huge business on subprime loans of the most laughable** sort, then sold that business to Wachovia, helping to bring the banking giant down. Here is a blogger who makes that claim.

Let me make it clear that I have no independent knowledge of this. I have previously been sued for libel and that was enough for me.***

Telling too much truth can be funny, but hazardous.


*Michelle Malkin is a conservative blogger. I am only a conservative in a narrow, classical sense. I am also liberal in a narrow, classical sense. My opinions do not fit within the usual orientation--and heck no, I'm not an "independent."
**If they were not so sad.
***The plantiff's case was dismissed with prejudice by the state court of appeals.

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