Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleaning Up After Life

Julia spent a week at her mom's house, helping to sort things out for mom's move to Oregon following Roberto's death. Julia's brother lives in Oregon and mom feels that is the best move for them.

The house belonged to Roberto and Paula, who have both died. The son, Julia's nephew, is sixteen. So Julia's mom is living in a house to which she has no legal connection. Someone said, "I guess she's a squatter." They do not think there is equity in the house, so she will let the finance company have it when they get around to it.

Paula collected Beanie Babies. Julia's nephew did not want them. Julia agreed to see what she could get for them on EBay.

Lots of stuff went into a box of mementos for the nephew, like Roberto's medals and his favorite watch.

We ended up with a laptop that may or may not work. Before I went to get Julia at the end of the week, I took the middle seat out of the van so we could fit everything in. We ended up bringing home the smaller storage bench, rather than the larger storage chest, so we had more than enough room.

Julia's mom gave us this little cooking gadget. It had never come out of the box--in fact, there were two of them in the box. She said, "Roberto was so looking forward to using that, but it was delivered after he died."

Julia remarked that so much stuff accumulated. At one time it was important to the people who collected it.

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