Friday, October 31, 2008

Gorilla Chow

A gorilla killed and ate a young woman--a blonde beauty in her twenties, as I could see from the television news.

My eleven year old and I investigated the incident. We followed the trail to the factory where they make gorilla chow. When gorilla chow is produced, actual gorillas are in the room. Their hoots and howls are imprinted into the gorilla chow so that when a gorilla eats, it hears the sounds of gorillas, which comforts the beast.

However, the suspect gorilla ate gorilla chow that was made on a day when the factory manager's young wife was present, berating the manager. The security tape from the factory confirmed this. So when the suspect ate the chow, he heard a woman berating him. This enraged him so much that he broke his cage. The rest is history. In my dream.

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