Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reading Too Much

I am near the end of my Spring break and I am reading too much. With my wife recovering from surgery on painkillers, I stay around home and read. I finished off one of George R. R. Martin's 700+ page novels in his Songs of Ice and Fire series and am halfway through another.

While washing my hands, I noted a scratch on my thumb. Immediately I thought, "at least the burns on that hand are better." Then I realized that it was not me, but a character in GRRM's book, that had a hand burned. So yes, I'm reading too much.

Movies or books that show scenes out of chronological order cause a similar mental quirk. A Seinfeld episode on a wedding in India messed up my head for a few hours, as did Pulp Fiction and Catch 22 (the book, not the movie).

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