Monday, March 17, 2008

Interesting Character Trait

Today I contemplated an interesting character quirk. This will be something fun to work with for future characters.

I am associated with a liar. He lies often. He gets caught in lies and usually tells new lies to cover the old lies. Sometimes, though, he gets undeniably caught in his lies.

He has a few interesting traits. First, he expects to be believed when he says anything, though he will admit that he has previously told many lies. "Yes, I lied all those times, but this time I am telling you the truth." Sometimes, of course, he is lying when he says that.

Second, he feels slighted if his lies are not believed when there is not sufficient evidence to strongly conclude that he is lying. That is, he might angrily say to himself, "How can they accuse me of lying about X when they do not truly have conclusive evidence that I am lying?" (though he is)

Third, if he has told 100 lies, but has been accused of lying 101 times, he is furious over the false accusation, even though he seems to understand that he has a bad track record.

Yes, it is frustrating to deal with this person. But this is an analytical post, in which I am marveling at his worldview, not fuming at him.

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