Saturday, March 22, 2008

Parallel Processing

Authors should have multiple works in process at the same time. Editing one's work is difficult. After the first draft is finished, one can find errors in a first read. But the author misses some errors and creates more in the editing process. In addition, the author may find that some part of the story needs rewriting--creating something new or substituting for other parts of the story.

A second read-through is not very productive at catching errors and accuracy declines precipitously from there. However, if the author picks up the work after leaving it alone for a while (a month or so) he can do a much better job of editing. But what does the author do during the month? That is why authors should have multiple works in process at the same time.

Sending the work through the word processor's grammar/spell check can help. It will catch all the the repeated words. Will catch fragments. It will also tell the author that many of the names he used are wrong and will suggest many other changes that the author does not want to make. Finally, the grammar checker will not understand some perfectly good grammatical constructions.

Maybe you have found some errors in this post to which I was blind. That's just part of the process.

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