Friday, March 28, 2008

Gang of Three

Last night one of the members of our Gang of Three brought her brother and his two older teens along. They were probably bored out of their skulls by 2.5 hours of people reading their stories and discussing each others' stories.

We looked at Nirvana Cat. Group members confirmed Julia's (my wife's) view that the story is engaging, except for part of the first scene. Since the first scene of any story is crucial to holding a reader's attention, I'm fixingfixingfixing it.

The only other problem the group had with the story was that the transformation at the end of the story needed more preparation. They told me this in response to my direct question, "Does it need more preparation?" I had an inkling that it might be a problem. Julia had not seen a problem with the ending, so I was not certain that I was correct. Julia is seldom wrong. She is a woman, after all.

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