Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A colleague has a friend* with unusual ideas about her dog. She is certain that her dog is a virgin.

My colleague is not sure that his friend can know about her dog's chastity. The dog, after all, goes to a doggie daycare four days per week @ $40/day. Anything could happen.

His friend claims that the folks at the doggie daycare are diligent in making sure that no doggies slip off to a broom closet or to an empty bedroom. My colleague is skeptical.

His friend further claims that her dog would never do such a thing. She seems to impute moral virtue to chaste dogs. Did anyone have such odd thoughts a century ago or is this silliness a modern affliction?


*Well, not exactly a friend. The two of them probably disagree on that point, with my colleague certain that they are not friends.

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