Tuesday, December 9, 2008


On Sunday our water was brown. We have seen it before, though not in this town--rust in the lines. As a kid, my family had a well so we did not have to put up with such stuff. But back then the pump occasionally needed priming so the entire family would "pull the pump," lifting the pump from the well and tugging the big pipe that went down into the well across the yard. Dad would prime the pump, then we would put it back in, which was easier because gravity helped us.

Today, we have to put up with brown water now and then. The brown color is from iron--a bit of iron for a day or two won't hurt, but we're finicky so we buy bottled water for consumption.

The brown ended yesterday. Then the water took on a milky cast, which I have never seen. I ran a quart jar of it. The water was opaque. Were those bubbles? I put my ear to the surface of the water and heard it fizzing.

I enjoyed showing the family what was coming from the tap. Then I called the water folks. They said it was just air in the lines and that it would clear up if we ran the water for a while. I ran the water for five minutes and it did not clear up. I took a shower later and it did not clear up.

This morning the water is still fizzy. So we are still drinking bottled water.

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