Saturday, November 22, 2008


We drove for over an hour to see my eighteen year old play guitar in his band at a sports bar/restaurant/club. While my son's band was setting up, the club played screaming music from CDs. The groups on the CDs wanted to be as rebellious as they could be. The ultimate rebel is the devil.

So their songs were all about the devil.

Julia and I speculated that these groups knew their songs were alike and boring, but they wanted to stand for something bad, and the worst thing they could stand for was the devil.

Maybe their lead singer said to the guitarist one day, "Man, we need to read the Bible--there's got to be something more evil than the devil."

The guitarist replied, "No, man. My folks were into that religious stuff. The devil is ultimate bad mojo."

The lead singer kicked his TV tray and said, "C'mon. This is boring. Every song is the same. What is worse than the devil?"

"Well," the guitarist pondered, lighting another Camel, "Maybe there was a devil on Krypton. He's got to be worse than the devil on Earth."

"A SuperDevil?"

"Yeah, a SuperDevil," the guitarist replied, taking a long drag.

"Cool, so what is his name?"

The guitarist sat back and looked into the curling smoke. Then he nodded. "Dev-El."

"Yeah! Dev-El! From now on, we write songs about the Dev-El!"

Julia and I can't wait until we can go back to that club and hear their new stuff.

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