Sunday, November 30, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law and nephew. The nephew is evil.

Julia, I, and our three kids arrive with an XBox 360 and two laptops. Combined with the usual Thanksgiving diversions, we had a chance at having enough entertainment to get through three days. Enter evil nephew.

Evil nephew plays WoW incessantly. But he is even more evil than that. Before, when we visited the wireless router gave everybody internet access. This time, evil nephew decided that if he used the wireless router, our laptops would use up some of his WoW bandwidth. So he connected his computer directly to the modem. Of course he could have connected connected his computer via wire to his router. But, no, we might have used up a few bits per second with our web surfing.

So our laptops were mostly paper weights. And three days straight of conversation is . . . way too much. We finally levered his grandmother to pressure him into hooking up the router. There was plenty of throwing and slamming.

At least we did not have to resort to the holy water.

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