Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Building Windmills

I read Steven King's The Dead Zone when it was released. One thing I remember from the book is a quote from Chairman Mao of China. I remember it this way. "When the winds of change begin to blow, build windmills, not wind breaks." On the Internet the quote is credited to Confucius, Anon, and Chairman Mao.

The reason that the quote came to mind involves my writing. I recently wrote a piece of horror flash fiction, The Tyrant's Dead Hand. I liked it and decided to turn it into a full short story--right after I completed a fantasy short story I have been working on. I kept trying to push the fantasy story along, but I could not figure it out. Meanwhile, the horror story was aching to be written.

It seemed my heart wanted the fantasy story, but my head would only allow the horror. (The horror, the horror) After two days I gave in. I built a windmill. I zoomed ahead on the horror story.

Probably a better quote would be, "Don't push on a rope."

I think that quote is by Anon, too. That woman has so many quotes, everything she said must have been a quote. Or maybe Anon is a guy.

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