Friday, February 19, 2010

Writing News

My story, Refiner's Fire, was one of eight finalists in Writers of the Future's* fourth quarter 2009 contest.  Alas, it did not place in the top three, which would have guaranteed that it would be published in their yearly collection of stories.

I am left slightly better off than I started.  Finalist status confirms that I can write a really good story, as judged by someone who knows--the judges are successful writers.  In my arrogance, I always knew that I write good stories, but it is good to have that confirmed.  I think that there may be 10,000 people out there writing good stories.  There is room for 4 new writers this year, as judged by observing agents who get 300 queries from authors per week and ask for a partial manuscript from 1 author, who already has some writing credentials.

A place in the WOTF volume would have been a credential.  So I am about where I started with regard to having a writing income.  I will submit another story this quarter, raising my lightning rod in case a storm blows up.


*WOTF is the world's foremost science fiction and fantasy writing contest, judged by professional authors.  Their yearly collection of winning stories is published in mass markets.  I can find it at the department store in my small town.  The judges and staff are the best.

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