Friday, January 22, 2010

Part Time Job

At sixteen I had a job as a night watchman at a funeral home.  They would call me when they had a body and I would spend the night.

In the rear end of the building was a small living room with a television.  Sometimes I had to bang on the side to get the picture right, but it had cable back in the days when cable did not cross the mill pond and go into the little community where I lived.  I would invite friends over and we would play games and pop popcorn.

There was a bedroom, too.  In the morning I would shower and drive to school.  For that, I made $20.

When the heating or cooling system would kick on, it would make a few loud bumps, which would make me jump.  Other than that, the job was sheer gravy.

At one point someone mentioned that I was there for insurance purposes.  Other than that, nobody ever told me what I was watching for.

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