Friday, September 18, 2009

Fed's Parable and Joke of the Day


Ben's children were carrying their eggs to market in their egg baskets.  Ben cautioned, "You children might trip and fall into one another.  So all your eggs might break."

So Ben took each child's eggs and put them in his super basket.  That way . . .



O. K., get this--the federal government is worried that the actions of individual banks can create risks for the entire banking system--systemic risk.  So (this is too funny) the Fed will regulate the entire system of executive compensation to eliminate risks that affect the entire system!

Get it!?

They're worried that banks who put all their eggs in one basket may upset the baskets of other banks.  So . . . the fed is putting all of everybody's eggs into their big basket!  That way, if the Fed drops that big basket . . .


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