Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Indian Cornbread

The simplest dish that I know of is what southerners call indian cornbread. It is also called fried cornbread or hot water cornbread in some quarters.

Pour corn meal in a bowl.
Add some salt.
Pour in boiling water--paste should not be runny, but can stop just short of runny.
Shape into palm-sized disks with hands dipped in cool water.
Put in a cast iron skillet which has a thin layer of hot oil and fry until it starts to brown.
Flip, repeat.

My mom and grandma cooked it. My wife's mom and grandma cooked it. Men cooked it in wartime, since all you need is corn meal, water, and oil--when they could get even those simple ingredients.

So few people cook anymore that I do not know if indian cornbread will survive.


Dax Montana said...

We called 'em "Ho Cakes." My grandfather would make them. He said eggs were too valuable to waste on cornbread when he was a boy....When he became a "professional," he insisted on having White loaf bread with his supper. It was a symbol of escaping the poverty he grew up in.

John Arkwright said...


I have heard them called that, too, but not often in my part of the country.