Monday, January 12, 2009

WSJ Caught Up With Me

Stephen Moore, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, caught up to me on January 9th. My post was this one.

I like my example of "life imitates Ayn Rand" better than Moore's. I duely noted the same example that Moore noted in the January 9th piece, but did not link it to Ayn Rand. Moore said this, combining my two posts.

In one chapter of the book, an entrepreneur invents a new miracle metal -- stronger but lighter than steel. The government immediately appropriates the invention in "the public good." The politicians demand that the metal inventor come to Washington and sign over ownership of his invention or lose everything.

The scene is eerily similar to an event late last year when six bank presidents were summoned by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to Washington, and then shuttled into a conference room and told, in effect, that they could not leave until they collectively signed a document handing over percentages of their future profits to the government. The Treasury folks insisted that this shakedown, too, was all in "the public interest."

I'm laughing.

I'm crying.

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